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“I suffered from anxiety and stress. Once I began using hemp oil, I have had less anxiety and panic episodes. It has also helped with my headaches as well! I would recommend this product to anyone struggling with anxiety or stress.”

-Katie K.

“Hemp oil has been a game changer for me. I have struggled to manage my pain and disrupted sleep caused by fibromyalgia and autoimmune related symptoms. Taking a dose of hemp oil in the morning and before bedtime has allowed me to get a full night of rest and substantially decrease my pain.”

-Karey R.

“I began using hemp oil to help me sleep. Staying asleep to get more than four hours was a problem. Once I began using the oil, I started sleeping 7-8 hours uninterrupted and woke up feeling rested.“

-Gary V.

“Can’t live without my Cbd oil! Started taking it to help with arthritis and it has been awesome! And it keeps me less stressed and I sleep great every night. Rocky Ridge Hemp is the best!!!”

-Tammy Justus

“Haven’t tried the product but the man behind it is a real stand up guy. Great doing business with him anytime all the time.”

-Macy Marshall

“I’ve bought my first bottle it’s helping me good stuff be recommending this company to everyone I met who uses cbd”

-David Polburn

“Some of you saw where I was looking for private insurance a little while back…

My husband started a new job and we were incorrect about how much insurance was going to cost. Sorry, but this family can’t afford $1600 a month!

I started spacing out my anxiety/depression medication because we weren’t going to have insurance and I needed it to last as long as possible.

All was good until I was so busy working my business that once I did get insurance, I didn’t make time to get it refilled.

Then came the day that I KNEW would come, but was hoping wouldn’t by a miracle.

Last Friday, was my limit. My poor husband. I came home from the store a mess. I’ve had my Rocky Ridge Hemp Co. Group (CBD OIL) CANNIBIDIOL for who knows how long and couldn’t get past the taste to take it, to really give it a chance.

I took a dose.

I then texted Ginnifer and asked how much I could take without overdosing. She assured me that I couldn’t overdose and would do nothing more than sleep really good.

Well, that was good info all around because I needed sleep too. So, I took another dose.

I am much better this week. I’ve been taking half a dose in the morning and half a dose at night. I still have not refilled my meds and I do not plan to. The anxiety/depression is not 100% under control, but I am able to manage day to day without melting down and I prefer to manage with this natural medicine.

I’m so thankful we have this local business here in Cynthiana!”

-Stacie Fryman Eckler

“Love the product. We sell it in our pet store for dogs. Love KY PROUD!!! #shoplocal #kyproud”

-Dawn Dougherty

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